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Watch this video and more on Body Language

Watch this video and more on Body Language

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LIVE class 8/1/21 - Balancing Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3



  • LIVE class 7/25/21 - Vinyasa Flow - H...

    In this 60 minute flow class we work deep into the hips, as well as spinal mobility and twisting.

    This flow class encourages you to move to the rhythm of the music, and to allow that to be an intuitive part of your practice.

    Deep hips openers are great for tension release, while twisting help...

  • LIVE class 7/4/21 - Transformation + ...

    Transformation + Flow Level 2/3

    In this 60 minute flow class we focus on the idea of transformation. The physical asana practice challenges us to shape shift and draw different energetic principles from each position and transition - but the breath and the awareness of self and the body always r...

  • LIVE class 6/28/21 - Yoga Flow for Ba...

    Yoga Flow for Balance + Grounding Level 2

    Primarily focused on twists, hips, and bringing balance into our practice.

    This flow moves a little slower in order to give space to feel deeply into the positions and create more space in the body.

    We practice finding balance not just by testing ou...